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13th European Conference on eGovernment - (ECEG 2013 - 2013.06.13-14)

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As governments seek to remodel and restyle their services, e-Government continues to stir interest and attention. New dynamic issues such as e-democracy, e-citizenship, interoperability, e-identity and e-voting have become core elements in the development of public sector delivery. The multi-tier nature of e-Government, relevant at local, regional, and central government but also at the supranational level such as the European Union, makes it of importance to academics and practitioners alike. Vital questions are posed which link technological development and a streamlining of government services to more social based values of inclusion, accessibility and power relationship ratios.

e-Government encompasses more than just technology – it challenges the way in which public sector service providers and citizens interact. Democratic renewal, the transformation of service delivery, community leadership and citizenship integration are all key elements of this fascinating subject. e-Government is tightly related to legal, economical and organisational fields and as such holds a strong interdisciplinary status. You can see a full list of the conference and journal accreditations by clicking the star in the right hand side bar.

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13 June 2013 - 12:00am (Europe/Luxembourg time)
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14 June 2013 - 12:00am (Europe/Luxembourg time)