Barcamp #MucGov17 Munchen




At the Barcamp # MucGov17, the municipal administration of the German city of Munich, the Münchner Volkshochschule and citizens gather together.


This year's slogan is "Digital City - Ideas, Projects, Apps", and the event's core question is how the future of the digital services of the state capital Munich can be shaped. But it is also about how digital media can improve the life situation and the quality of life in our city.

Munich's citizens live digital lives Communication, leisure, culture, work, learning, life - our world is hardly imaginable without the digital media. Digitization means not only passive consumption. Rather, it enables joint development processes and coproduction as well as participation and transparency. Nobody can escape these developments - not even the city ​​administration Munich . The question is how citizens and city administrators can jointly benefit from the advantages of the digital world for Munich.

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