e-SENS Conference 2014 - Making e-services a reality in Europe, November 6th & 7th

With more and more Europeans travelling and living in another EU country, demand for cross-border services is on the increase. A significant effort has been already made by the European Commission and member states to make communication between EU countries easier. Numerous projects and initiatives have proved that it is possible, but there is still a long way ahead. Interoperable solutions have been implemented for cross-border services in many areas: e-Health, e-Justice, e-Procurement, business setup. To unlock the full potential of the European Single Market, generic solutions are needed to enable electronic transactions in new areas. The aim of the event will be to present the progress made so far towards this ambitious goal.

The event will present the journey which the European Commission has undertaken, together with member states, towards building seamless e-Government, in particular:

  • the ICT-facilitated public services already made available by Large Scale Projects;
  • the strong need to develop more new public e-services in the digital era;
  • progress in building generic solutions for electronic communication;
  • the future of digital infrastructure for e-services in Europe.

It will also offer an opportunity to learn about the results of the e-SENS project and the steps taken to provide generic and re-usable building blocks for seamless cross-border communication.


Find out more at http://www.esens.eu/event/making-e-services-a-reality-in-europe/.

Expected Participants:

The event will bring together representatives of national governments, the European Commission and the IT industry. The conference is also open to all who are keen to promote the Digital Single Market.

CRP Henri Tudor Knowledge Transfer & Training Centre 29, avenue J.F. Kennedy L-1855 Luxembourg
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