Enterprise Semantics: Use Cases and Applications Webinar


Webinar: Wednesday, November 28, 2012 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM CET - Show in my Time Zone

Enterprise vocabularies and thesauri have become an increasingly important component of many software applications. PoolParty provides means to create and maintain linked vocabularies which build the basis for text mining, data integration and semantic search in enterprises.

In this webinar we will show how PoolParty Thesaurus Server and PoolParty Extractor build the basis for such types of semantic applications. We give an overview over some use case scenarios and concrete applications:

  • Semi-automatic tagging of content (Sharepoint, Confluence, ...)
  • Document classification
  • Semantic enterprise search
  • Enterprise data integration (queries across Oracle databases and unstructured text)
  • Enterprise linked data

Learn more about the possibilities to link your metadata with an enterprise semantic layer based on PoolParty technologies!

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