Free Webinar: Linked Data for the Environmental Sector – Use Cases and Opportunities


Organizations working in the environmental sector most often act as intermediates between politics, economy and citizens. They are growing out of their role as plain content providers. To service the demands of their stakeholders they have to act also as data and tool providers for their respective communities.

On June 13 this webinar introduces several good practice examples achieving data governance in using the linked open data paradigms. Together with a basic overview of the possibilities of linked open data you get an appealing picture of the new opportunities which are provided by these principles and technologies, also for your organisation!

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Project developers and decision makers in the environmental sector


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Learn more about three organizations and their linked data projects

Image removed.Global Buildings Performance Network (GBPN)

GBPN established the “Policy comparative tool on building stock data” together with a domain specific thesaurus used for a domain specific news aggregator.


Image removed.Renewable Energy and Efficiency Partnership (REEEP)

As one of the pioneers in the sector, REEEP has an extensive focus on the use of linked data for renewable energy and energy efficiency, facilitating that in various services, like an automatic annotation service, aggregated country data presented as fact sheets, a domain specific search engine, etc.


Austrian Geological Survey (GBA)Image removed.

The main driving factor for institutions like the GBA to invest in thesaurus and taxonomy projects, is the increasing need for a uniform description of their data. The idea is that this enhances value and re-usability of their products for their stakeholders. Especially in the geo-spatial sector the INSPIRE directive of the European Parliament and Council gave a push in that direction. As a public authority, the GBA was legally called to implement the directive for its domain.


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Online Webinar
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