Innovation in public services


On 20 March, France's government modernisation unit SGMAP is organising the second edition of its 'La Cousinade' (Family reunion) meetings on the future of public services, showcasing innovations and best practices. "The goal is to bring together community members both old an new, for an innovative and inspiring day of sharing, with moments of sharing and co-construction", the organisers write.



Topics include:

  • New Perspectives for Public Innovation: an exchange with Thomas Cazenave, Interministerial Delegate for Public Transformation;
  • Which administrations are the main innovators? Announcing the winners of the 2018 Futures Publics award contest; and
  • Co-construction workshops, adding the collective intelligence of the community to major public service projects.


Espace Morning Trudaine,
37 avenue Trudaine,
75009 Paris
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