Webinar: Big Data Test Infrastructure (BDTI) - 2 March 2022

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Published on: 25/02/2022

The Big Data Test Infrastructure (BDTI), provided by the European Commission as part of the Digital Europe programme, supports public administrations with the necessary technical documentation, tools, and services to test and prototype analytics and Big Data solutions. This allows public administrations to focus on gathering knowledge, insight, and value from their data, instead of setting up and maintaining a complex experimental environment.

If you are a public sector entity or agency, discover how we can help you find new ways to draw data-driven insights for strategic decision-making.

The webinar will give you the opportunity to learn about the experience of a pilot project conducted within BDTI. Below, is the webinar agenda, a brief description of the pilot involved, and the link to register for the event!

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Webinar agenda and materials

The Big Data Test Infrastructure is holding a webinar on 2 March 2022.

Register to this webinar to discover BDTI and gain insights on how BDTI can help European Public Administrations to analyse and experiment with big data, move towards data-driven decision making, and create synergies with other organisations, enlarging their own network and collaboration opportunities.

Pilot Showcase: BDTI for Norwegian Public Procurement

Digitalization of the procurement process demands the use of emerging technologies. The basic emerging technology is access to data. And the best way to handle any kind of data is big data technologies. We build a high-level functional architecture of a big data structure and tested it through 3 POCs. The last was testing the concept with help from BDTI. Based on these POCs we build a production environment where we plan to offer procurement and financial data from public Norway.

Digdir, the Norwegian Digitalisation Agency, used the Big Data Test Infrastructure (BDTI) to help optimise public procurement in Norway. Digdir was looking to help improve digital public procurement, or eProcurement, even further by gathering and analysing big datasets on transactions in this area. Since February 2019, the BDTI team and Digdir worked together on a pilot project to analyse procurement data, in particular related to transactions. The ready-to-use virtual environment and analytical capabilities of BDTI helped to gather and analyse relevant transactional data and present it to certain private businesses and public organisations. These stakeholders can then use the data aggregated by BDTI to gain key insights, identifying process bottlenecks and optimising their own practices and interactions with other organisations in the value chain.


Paul Killie

Paul Killie,

Senior advisor

Agency for Public and Financial Management

Paul Killie has a long carrier in private sector before he started in public sector. He was responsible for Public sector for IBM for a decade and led the software division of IBM Norway through the finance crise. He has also worked in project both globally and in Europe. Today he is run a portfolio of projects.

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  • 3 PM CET

Opening of the Webinar

  • 3.05 PM CET

BDTI in a nutshell

  • 3.20 PM CET

BDTI Service Offering and how to get started

  • 3.35 PM CET

Pilot Showcase: BDTI for Norwegian Public Procurement

  • 3.55 PM CET

BDTI Service Architecture

  • 4.15 PM CET

Q&A section

  • 4.30 PM CET

Closing of the webinar