About method check of CRLCert…

About method check of CRLCertificateVerifier

    I have noticed that there is a change in the parameters of the "check" method of interface CertificateStatusVerifier. Until the version 3.0.3 the method was:  
CertificateStatus check(X509Certificate certificate, X509Certificate issuerCertificate, Date validationDate);
  Now, from version 4.0.2 to version 4.4RC2, the method is:  
RevocationToken check(CertificateToken certificate);
  With this change, the validation for detecting a too old CRL is missing. Formerly, the class CRLCertificateVerifier had validations as:  
if (x509crl.getNextUpdate() != null && validationDate.after(x509crl.getNextUpdate())) {
  LOG.info("CRL too old");
  return false;
  In the current version, where is the "CRL too old" validation happened?  


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