ADMS: Community publishes fir…

ADMS: Community publishes first draft

With this specification of the Asset Description Metadata Schema (ADMS), European repositories come one step closer to federation.

Prototype about to be released

As a proof-of-concept, SEMIC.EU will release a prototype shortly. It will showcase federated queries facilitated by the ADMS across SEMIC.EU and the Danish and German repositories.

Comments welcome

ADMS Version 0.6a consists of a schema for the asset as a whole and one for a single release, in line with the logic implemented in many repositories, e.g. the one at SEMIC.EU.

As a work in progress, the specification's definition of the ADMS as well as explanatory parts and specifications of vocabularies have yet to be finally agreed on.

The community calls for comments on version 0.6a to be sent to

Statement by Project Officer Vassilios Peristeras

In a paper, Vassilios Peristeras, explains the benefits of ADMS and outlines further planning for this initiative. It can be downloaded in the Community Section for ADMS.

More information: ADMS page.

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