ADMS as a good practice in OA…

ADMS as a good practice in OASIS Transformational Governance Framework


The Policy Products Matrix recently released by the OASIS Transformational Government Framework (TGF) states that the Asset Description Metadata Schema (ADMS) is a good practice for Metadata Management and is a way to improve semantic interoperability.

The Policy Products Matrix maps the four delivery processes described in the TGF (Business Management, Customer Management, Channel Management and service-oriented Technology Management) against the five interoperability levels (Political, Legal, Organizational, Semantic and Technical) of the Interoperability Framework the European Interoperability Framework version 2.0 (EIFv2 ). Each cell in the matrix contains examples of policy product types that the TGF TC considers to be good practice to have as part of a TGF compliant program as well as examples of Policy Product for each type. This matrix can be used in any transformational programme.

The TGF Business Management Framework Volume 1: Using the Policy Product Matrix Version 1.0 provides detailed information and guidance on the use of the Policy Products Matrix as part of a Business Management Framework as explained in the TGF Primer and TGF Core Pattern Language.

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