Adullact to reinvigorate repo…

Adullact to reinvigorate repository of tools


France’s platform for civil servants working on free software, Adullact, is to revitalise its repository of ICT solutions. On 11 December, the Montpellier-based NGO announced a ‘massive investment’ in its tool platform. The group plans to use the ADMS - a method to describe interoperability solutions - to make solutions on the repository easier to find.

The advocacy group will also increase its involvement in drafting policies, saying it would strengthen its professional ties to the public sector.

The Adullact repository hosts over 600 ICT solutions, available under free and open source software licences. The platform for sharing and reuse of government software solutions has over its past 13 years assembled over 10,000 registered users.

The platform was inspiration for the European Commission’s Open Source Observatory & Repository (OSOR), which started in 2007.

Payment systems

Adullact also announced the stepping down of its CEO Pascal Feydel, who headed the NGO since its start in 2002. New CEO is Pascal Kuczynski, Adullact’s technical director since 2003.

“Our association will continue to develop free software partnerships and interactions with administrations, public services and ICT service providers”, Adullact said in a statement. The NGO will introduce new services, such as the Seda online payment system, and solutions for eInvoicing.

“Adullact resolutely continues its efforts to emphasise the need for the development of free software solutions and the need for shared public services”, the organisation writes.


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