Arles publishes vaccination m…

Arles publishes vaccination management tool


OpenVaccin is the most recent addition to OpenMairie suite

The city of Arles (France) has made OpenVaccin, a vaccination management solution, available as free software. The code, which is published under the GNU Public Licence (GPL), is used by the city’s healthcare services, to keep track of vaccinations.

One of the screens displayed by OpenVaccin

“There must be plenty of opportunities for cooperation in healthcare”, says François Raynaud, the city’s IT director and one of the developers of OpenVaccin. “I hope to find others that interested in developing OpenVaccin for use beyond our community.”

The web application allows healthcare staff to keep a record of vaccinations, patient information related to vaccination (including reactions to inoculations) and vaccinations schedules. The system also generates emails or paper-based invitations and reminders for appointments.


For use in other countries, the software needs to be localised and internationalised. The PHP code comes with comments in English, but the web interface is currently only available in French.

OpenVaccin is the most recent application in the OpenMairie suite of public sector free software solutions. Apart from the OpenMairie framework, the software requires a PostgreSQL database host, and an Apache and PHP server.

More information:

OpenVaccin at the Adullact forge

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