Bulgaria, EU fund eID and ePa…

Bulgaria, EU fund eID and ePayment projects


The government of Bulgaria and the European Union are to fund eID, ePayment and other telecommunication projects in the country, the Ministry of Information Technology announced on 22 June. All the projects, for which the ministry has EUR 10.5 million in funds are to be co-financed by project participants.

The funds are part of the European Union’s Connecting Europe Facility. With CEF, the EU aims to support trans-European networks and infrastructure in transport, telecommunications and energy sectors.

The ministry is inviting proposals. The deadline for submission is 15 September.

In June, the ministry presented the various funding opportunities. It explained that is has allocated EUR 2 million for projects related to the European eJustice Portal. Furthermore, Bulgaria has earmarked EUR 3.5 million for projects dealing with the reuse of public sector information.


For projects on eDocument systems, the ministry has reserved EUR 0.5 million. Projects in this category should make it easier to provide cross-border access to public services; online completion and receipt of various permits and licenses, or professional registration.

The fourth competition focuses on eID and eSignatures, and here the ministry has earmarked EUR 4.5 million. These projects should support two goals. Firstly, they should integrate electronic identification in existing electronic services and online platform, allowing cross-border transactions, in banking and insurance. Secondly, these projects should also address the needs of public administrations.


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