Campaign promotes open source…

Campaign promotes open source in Finland’s towns


Municipalities using open source are reaching out to other towns and cities, motivating them to switch to this type of software. The past four months, members of Finland’s Centre for Open Source Solutions (COSS) have been visiting towns around the country, talking about their use of free and open source.

The so-called ‘Open Knowledge Roadshow 2014’ involves six municipalities, Turku, Mikkeli, Pori, Oulu, Tampere and Rovaniemi. Apart from reaching out to their colleagues, the towns of Mikkeli, Oulu and Rovaniemi also organised a workshop, reports COSS on its website.

The towns tout their open source-based health care and social services, and explain how they use open source for their ICT systems. They also talk about open source geographic information systems (GIS), including Foss4G and PostGis. The roadshow is involved in a PostGIS training scheduled for February 2015, in the town of Espoo, Finland’s second largest city.

The campaign is supported by Kunnat the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities. According to Kunnat, the campaign is to explain to municipalities how switching to open source reduces costs, and at the same time increases the use of ICT solutions. “More and more, municipalities will open their services and provide access to the data they create and aggregate”, Kunnat writes. ”This is made possible by using open interfaces and open technology.”


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