Cenatic inventories commercia…

Cenatic inventories commercial open source support


Cenatic is making an inventory of commercial technical support for open source software solutions. The open source software resource centre of the Spanish government hopes that the directory will boost the availability of support for enterprise open source applications. The agency has just launched a survey and will be talking to industry experts.

The survey is available in two languages, English and Spanish.

“We’re building a list of companies that deliver support for modern an mature open source solutions”, says Pop Ramsamy, who manages Cenatic’s observatory. “We want our inventory to map service providers to the open source technology that is in high-demand, including solutions for cloud computing, for big data, mobility and the Internet of Things.”

The study is part of a closer cooperation between Cenatic and Red.es, a government-owned company implementing projects to develop the Information Society in Spain. The research is carried out by ICT consultancy GMV.

Mind the gap

A knowledge gap seems to be hindering the commercial support for open source software, Ramsamy says. “Many ICT firms don’t understand how to engage with open source communities. Some have trouble selecting the right, mature open source tool and others are struggling to release products in compliance with open source licence terms.”

The Cenatic and Red.es study will help close these gaps, Ramsamy says: “It will help get companies realise their business opportunities, and will start to match demand and supply.”

The two surveys will run until the end of April. Meanwhile, Cenatic and GMV will be doing interviews with industry experts during March 2015. The report is expected in June.


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