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CLARITY project- enhancing take-up of open eGovernment services in Europe

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The CLARITY project is a two year project, funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 framework. Grant Agreement number: 693881.  The project will  support European Member States in their pursuit for greater trust, transparency and efficiency within their open eGovernment initiatives and highlight best practice within this field.

More specifically, CLARITY:

  • Has conducted an analysis of key stakeholders, needs and drivers - see our deliverables on the project website
  • Is working on an extensive catalouge of open eGovernment services in Europe
  • Has convened a development sprint, where groups of public authorities, designers and researchers worked together to create blueprints for new open eGovernment services - see our blog.
  • Has a network of interested stakeholders on LinkedIn - please join us!

We invite you to join the CLARITY network to:

  • Receive updates on, and attend innovation activities such as focus groups, workshops, the  and the CLARITY Exhibition and final conference
  • Contribute to the future vision for open eGovernment applications in Europe
  • Learn the project findings from the needs assessment and gap analysis which will deliver up-to-date data on current gaps in the provision, design and development of open eGovernment applications
  • Use and contribute to the establishment of the interactive Open eGovernment Marketplace – a space for the advertising of various open eGovernment applications from across Europe

Also - follow us on Twitter @clarityeproject


Project Coordinator: Rachel Finn, Trilateral Research Ltd

Project Manager: Thordis Sveinsdottir, Trilateral Research Ltd,