Croatia publishes Linux & Lib…

Croatia publishes Linux & LibreOffice manual


Croatia’s Ministry of Veterans has published a manual on how to use Linux and LibreOffice. The document is part of a feasibility pilot in the Ministry. “The text is intended for public administrations, but can be useful to others interested in using these tools”, the Ministry writes in its announcement on 5 November.

The manual covers the basics of personal computers, and describes in detail the office documents work flow.

The document should allow efficient knowledge transfers, the Ministry says. The text has taken into account feedback from participants to the Linux and LibreOffice pilot.

Croatia’s Ministry of Veterans was selected to pilot the use of open source ICT solutions in the state administration, the manual explains. “Our mission is to give space to the benefits that these solutions can bring in the long-term. In addition to savings on licenses for operating systems and office software, all software solutions developed later can also be made available as free software. That would strengthen the local community, and allow us to participate in a global community - one that is greater than the sum of its parts, and one that we can count on in the future.”

Open content

For its pilot, the ministry is using Xubuntu and LibreOffice version 4.3.

The manual is made public using the CC-BY-NC-SA copyleft licence. The ministry hopes that citizens will benefit from the knowledge and experience: “In the spirit of best practices with open content, we hope it adds value to free software developers.”


More information:

Announcement by the Ministry of Veterans (in Croatian)
Linux & LibreOffice manual (PDF, in Croatian)

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