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Hungary to upgrade its eGovernment portal


Earlier this month, Hungary began an overhaul of its Government Portal for Digital Services (, upgrading existing services and adding new ones. The new portal aims to increase IT security, and to make it easier for companies and citizens to access public services electronically.

“As with any new and complicated IT system, the new management interface will need to be piloted, so in the weeks following the launch, we will fine-tune the system on the basis of first experiences, tests and user feedback,” the portal warned in its announcement.

For the time being, both the current portal and its successor will be available in parallel.

One of the new portal’s new features is ePapír, a service that lets users exchange secure, authenticated messages and documents with a gradually growing number of public services.

In addition, the new portal adds services for companies. Hungary has made it mandatory for companies to register online, and be able to exchange messages with public services electronically. For example, the new portal lets visitors view company information, thanks to a link to the national business register managed by the Ministry of Justice. The new portal provides similar links to other, existing business-related eGovernment services.

The new portal will provide several ways to identify and authenticate users, and is mobile-friendly.

More information:

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