CY/EU: OSEPA project goes to…

CY/EU: OSEPA project goes to Nicosia

The latest round of activities of the OSEPA project, namely a steering group meeting, an interregional workshop and site visits, were held in Nicosia, Cyprus on 8-11 March 2011.

The Open Source software usage by European Public Administration (OSEPA) project is funded under the EU’s INTERREG IVC Programme, and is being implemented by a consortium of 13 partners across European local and regional public administrations. It aims to conduct a systematic debate among European public administrations supported by analysis and exchange of experience on the issue of free and/or open source software (FOSS). Consequently, it is important to explore the main benefits and disadvantages, as well as the cost effectiveness resulting from FOSS adoption and use by public authorities. OSEPA workshops focus on reviewing good practice cases and exploring how and when FOSS can be successfully adopted and deliver gains in productivity, costs or strategy.

The March 2011 activities were organised by Strovolos Municipality. On 8 March, the third steering group meeting discussed the completed and pending tasks of the project. The workshop on 9-10 March focused on existing FOSS solutions and how to put pressure on government bodies to adopt FOSS. The site visits of 10-11 March featured two usages of open source software in public administration, specifically a paediatrics clinic and the IT Department of the University of Cyprus.

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