Danish municipalities sharing…

Danish municipalities sharing development of website module across three content management systems


Municipalities in Denmark are 'increasingly using open source content management systems', notes the Danish resource centre for electronic government services, Digitalisér.dk in its January newsletter. The municipalities are for example re-using a module developed for municipality of Rødovre, a town bordering Copenhagen. The Typo3-module is already ported to Drupal and will maybe be ported to Umbraco.

The module allows to export as documents the results of search queries on Borgker.dk, a central Danish e-Government website. The Rødovre administration uses it for their website, which is based on the open source content management system Typo3. The module attracted interest from other public administrations, that would like to use the code on their sites based on Drupal, another open source CMS.

ITSK, the Danish IT and Telecom Agency, last year made porting the module one of the projects of its 'Kod i Ferien' ('Code during the holidays') to develop open source software useful for public administrations.

A Drupal module is now available as open source using the Mozilla Public Licence. It was written by Jacob Ringbo, a student from the IT-University in Copenhagen

The Drupal CMS is becoming increasingly popular among Danish municipalities, reports Digitalisér. Eleven municipalities participated in working group in January to organise collaboration in the development. The resource centre also reports that recently the administrations of Ballerup, Copenhagen and Syddjurs decided to build their websites on Drupal.

The porting of the module is inspiring a third group of administrations to make the module work as well on Umbraco, another open source CMS. "To develop our new website, I am very interested in some form of cooperation around a module to export articles from Borger.dk to Umbraco", writes Mikael Havtorn from the Ikast-Brande municipality on 25 January. "You're very welcome on our Drupal workshop on 29 February", replies Syddjurs's Jon Badstue Pedersen.

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