Danish towns share IT PM tool…

Danish towns share IT PM tool as open source


A group of five Danish municipalities are making available as open source KITOS, their IT project management solution, announces OS2, the Danish online community for public administrations and open source. The solutions will be web-based, letting municipalities manage their IT projects, systems and contracts.

The solution is aimed to become a common way for municipalities to describe and document their IT system landscape. It should provide municipalities with a governance model, helping them develop IT solutions and concepts. The KITOS project draws its inspiration from to the Danish case management tool SBSYS, where municipalities work together to coordinate and fund features.

KITOS (Kommunernes IT OverbliksSystem, or Municipal IT System Overview) will be developed the coming months and will be available for all municipalities after the summer.

IT oversight

The project lead is the municipality of Roskilde. Other towns involved are Sorø, Ringsted, Syddjurs and Ballerup. Roskilde's town council recently decided to continue to develop a solution that had been custom-built earlier last year. This tool is helping the towns to gain oversight in the great variety of activities related to the digitisation of the municipality. KITOS makes clear to departments what are the most important tasks and how far it is in managing these in IT systems.

The project will be supported by Denmark's Kommunernes Landsforening (KL, an association representing all of Denmark's 98 municipalities) and Kombit, KL's IT service provider. KITOS will use, for example, KL's XML classification for municipal tasks and management actions.

Available to all

KITOS will be built by combining proprietary software technology with an open source database management system and other open source solutions. It can be run as a service (SAAS), but the tool itself will also be available as open source. "Municipalities own all the rights and the code is freely available to all municipalities. Our ambition is to gain support from as many municipalities as possible."


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