uses the RDF Data… uses the RDF Data Cube vocabulary to publish datasets

26/10/2011 publishes linked data using the RDF Data Cube Vocabulary, informed by the Statistical Core Vocabulary.

A Core Vocabulary is defined as a relatively simple, highly reusable and extensible data model that captures the fundamental characteristics of an entity. In this context, the Statistical Core Vocabulary (SCOVO) is a lightweight RDF vocabulary for expressing statistical data.

In order to address use cases related to multidimensional analysis of statistical data, the RDF Data Cube Vocabulary was created inspired by SCOVO. The design of the Data Cube vocabulary is informed by SCOVO, and every SCOVO dataset can be re-expressed within the vocabulary. The Data Cube Vocabulary complements SCOVO use cases by supporting scenarios that are specific to the statistical publishing, such as slice operations and the notion of dimensions, attributes and measures. In addition, the extension allows easier grouping of data sets that share the same structure, such as data sets from different national providers.

The Data Cube Vocabulary builds upon the following existing RDF vocabularies:

The Data Cube Vocabulary has not only been reused by in the UK Bathing Water Quality linked data vocabulary, but also in the payments ontology and in the Combined On-line Information System (COINS).

Between October 2011 and April 2012, the ISA Programme will undertake a number of initiatives as part of Action 1.1, related to the specification of e-Government Core Vocabularies. These core vocabularies include among others the Core Person and the Asset Description Metadata Schema (ADMS). With these core vocabularies the ISA Programme aims at providing core elements for data exchange between public administrations in Europe. Similar to SCOVOS, the e-Government Core Vocabularies will be extensible to support specific use cases in the Member States. Their simplicity will allow easy adoption by data producers and consumers and they can be combined and extended with other vocabularies. The reuse of the e-Government Core Vocabularies will guarantee a minimum level of semantic interoperability.

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