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France: EU should prepare for platform economy


France wants the European Union to create a vision setting out the fundamental rights of the digital economy, and appropriate regulation to uphold these rights.

Digital platforms and their technological ecosystems are disrupting the benchmarks and balances of the traditional economy, France’s Conseil d’État writes in a recent report.

“The power of the changes taking place calls for an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of our legal system to anticipate legal and public policy developments and provide comprehensive answers, on a European and national scale,” says the Conseil d’État (Council of State), France’s government advisory body, in an English summary of its report.


The Conseil d’État wants Europe to better prepare itself for the digital era. This might include Union-wide support and tax rules for individual entrepreneurs and digital platform workers, for instance.

The council also wants the EU to make sure public services adapt to the ‘platform boom’. On one hand, it might be a good idea to abandon some public services that face effective competition from digital platforms. On the other, new public services should be developed to lift citizens out of isolation and provide goods and services more efficiently.

The Conseil d’État makes 21 proposals, arguing that “the European Union is the most appropriate territorial framework to address and provide responses to the issues inherent in the expansion of digital technology.” Following a Europe-wide debate, the EC should draft proposals for regulation and core social rights, the council says.

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