Dortmund’s use of Linux serve…

Dortmund’s use of Linux servers increasing


The city of Dortmund, Germany’s 8th largest city, is rapidly increasing its use of Linux. From 2015 to 2016, the number of Linux servers rose by 21%, from 200 to 242.

The increasing share of Linux servers in Dortmund

The rise of Linux servers is included in a report by the head of the city’s IT department, Winfried Bartel, submitted to the city council in February. The report was highlighted last week by Do-FOSS, a local free and open source advocacy group.

Reached by phone, the city’s IT department declined to comment on its use of Linux.

Do-FOSS, which comprises a handful of Dortmund citizens, is pushing the city administration to do more with free and open source software, to increase openness, trust, competition, cooperation and self-determination. The Do-FOSS advocacy group monitors the city council’s plans and announcements, and works with the city’s politicians.

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