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Dutch cyber security centre: Linux suitable for businesses


The Dutch government's cyber security centre says that Linux is suitable for business users, as well as for personal use. It points to the Ubuntu or Red Hat open source distributions as a viable alternative for those that are currently using a decade-old proprietary operating system.


On 30 October, the centre, part of the Ministry of Security and Justice, published a 'Factsheet' urging users of this aged system to switch to more modern alternatives, including "Linux-based operating systems such as Red Hat and Ubuntu". The vendor has announced ending all support for its decade-old computer operating system in April next year. The centre is warning that this will make the system vulnerable to errors, including security issues allowing attackers access to the computer system. "The cyber security centre recommends to replace or upgrade to an operating system that is supported with updates."

The centre's main target groups are the country's ministries and national government councils and service organisations.

Munich too

The Cybersecurity is the second European public administration urging users of the decade-old proprietary operating system to switch to Linux. In September, the administration of the German city of Munich made available 2000 CDs for installing the Ubuntu Linux distribution version 12.04. This system is maintained by the Ubuntu community until April 2017, the city council explained at the time. Switching to Linux means that "users can continue to use their PCs. Software vulnerabilities will be fixed, preventing viruses and other mal-ware."

"By distributing Linux-CDs the city primarily aims to prevent PCs from becoming unusable, helping to stem the flow of electronics waste. At the same time, the city presents itself as an innovative open source expert."


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