Dutch government information…

Dutch government information as Linked Open Data

The core elements of government metadata in the Netherlands are linked to LOD value lists.

Nine core elements have been developed as a Dublin Core Application Profile:
? dcterms:identifier (Reference)
? dcterms:title (Title)
? dcterms:type (Informationtype)
? dcterms:language (Language)
? overheid:authority (Responsible)
? dcterms:creator (Maker)
? dcterms:modified (Datre modified)
? dcterms:temporal (Coverage in Time)
? dcterms:spatial (Location)

The OWMS standard representing these elements is complemented by lists of labels and identifiers published as Linked Open Data. The lists are available in HTML, RDF, N3 and XML.

They include
? Government organizations (ministries, provinces, municipalities, water boards)
? Information types
? Themes

A an example, the city of Amsterdam?s URI delivers standard HTML as well as RDF resources.

Comments, Questions?

Via the SEMIC.EU LinkedIn Group, Arnold van Overeem, Metadata Adviser at ICTU, calls for comments and suggestions for improvement.

For more, see the original posting.

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