Education is key to Basque fr…

Education is key to Basque free software policy


Raising awareness and training users bolster the free software policy of the Basque Country (Spain). The government of the autonomous region continues to expand its use of free software, according to SALE, the Basque Country’s free software resource centre.

The SALE resource centre is advising Basque government organisations such as IVAP, the Institute of Public Administration and SPRI, the Business Development Agency. It is also helping to other organizations providing free software courses to citizens and companies, and is involved in training the users of publicly accessible Internet access points across the Basque Country - all running free software.

Over 2,300 PCs in the network of 270 public Internet access points, KZgunea, are running KZnux, based on the Ubuntu Linux distribution. KZgunea is providing training for free software to the about 100 KZgunea staff members. These centre’s are used by some 400,000 citizens per year.

Companies are taught how to use free software, from Big Data solutions such as Hadoop to content management systems such as Wordpress, Liferay or Plone. SPRI and SALE developed courses and a catalogue of free software solutions especially for start-up companies and small ICT firms. In close collaboration with ESLE, the region’s free software trade group, SPRI has reached over 700 companies so far.

Github course

SALE and IVAP are working to provide training over 1,500 staff members from public administrations. This includes staff members working for the Basque Country government. Topics of trainings range from the use of free software based desktop solutions such as LibreOffice.

Last week SALE gave an overview of SALE’s training and consulting activities, speaking at the LibreCon free software conference in Santiago de Compostela (Galicia, Spain).

SALE will continue to promote the use of free and open source software, focussing on training and awareness raising. Next week, the resource centre is leading a seminar for governmental IT project managers, to promote the use and explain the possibilities of GitHub.


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