eGovernment factsheets 2018

Launch of the eGovernment factsheet 2018 preparation exercise


The Interoperability Unit has officially began the yearly update process of the eGovernment factsheets.

This year’s update will mark the tenth anniversary of the eGovernment factsheets! In light of the anniversary, some changes will be introduced to the factsheet structure to enhance their usability. Our goal is to make the factsheets a prime source of information about digital public administration in Europe. The main changes to the factsheet structure are:

  • The ‘Recent Development’ section will be renamed ‘eGovernment Highlights’ and will present the main changes related to digital public administration that took place in the country in the year covering the update.
  • The ‘eGovernment Strategy’ section will be shortened and will only include the ongoing strategies related to digital public administration in the country. End users will be invited to consult previous versions of the factsheets to learn about earlier strategies (e.g. eGovernment plan 2010-2015);
  • In order to ease the navigation of the eGovernment factsheets for the user, the ‘Actors’ and ‘Who’s Who’ sections could be merged together. More specifically, the name of the main decision maker and his/her contact details will be presented under the relevant public body in the ‘Actors’ section.

The publication of the new edition of the eGovernment factsheets is planned for May 2018.

Watch this space for more insights into digital public administration across the Union and do not hesitate to consult last year’s edition of the eGovernment factsheets in the meantime.

Factsheet update


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