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Sweden spurs local public services to upgrade eID solutions


The Swedish government is encouraging the country’s local administrations to implement standardised electronic signature solutions. The goal is to make local services accept even foreign documents with acceptable electronic signatures.

“Most authorities and municipalities have not even begun to adjust their systems,” says Inger Greve, communications manager at the E-legitimationsnämnden (E-identification Board). The board was set up by the ministry of Finance to help public services implement and use eIdentification and eSignatures.

Many municipalities will have to replace their current solutions, Greve says, in order to support remote electronic signing of documents. This allows a holder of a foreign eID to sign documents using Swedish eGovernent services. Adding support for foreign eIDs also avoid problmens when handling documents signed by users of foreign eIDs.

An image showing the combination of Norway's eID to sign documents in Sweden

The E-identification Board is organising workshops to support municipalities and other local services make the eIDAS regulation deadline for accepting of foreign electronically-signed documents - September 2018. A meeting in November was fully booked, a follow-up is scheduled to take place in Stockholm on 1 and 2 February, coinciding with E-legitimationsdagen, the board’s annual conference.

In Sweden, 58% of municipalities and public services have services that accept eID. In addition, 68% may have at least some service open to holders of foreign eID.

E-legitimationsnämnden is hosting an eIDAS reference server, that can be used by municipalities and local services to test their own services. The board can also offer technical assistance. The board is currently implementing Sweden’s eIDAS node. National eIDAS nodes lets EU Member States communicate with other eIDAS-compliant counterparts.

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