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Bulgaria offers authenticated message delivery service


Bulgarian public sector organisations, companies and citizens who need proof of delivery for messages and documents sent to and from public sector services can now use the country’s new eDelivery service. The service is available as of 22 November.

The service comes in two forms. Users can either visit the eDelivery Service System website, or integrate the service into their own electronic messaging systems. The service is managed by the state eGovernment agency SEGA (Държавната агенция „Електронно управление“ ДАЕУ).

The eDelivery service allows authentication and secure transmission of messages and documents, and provides a legally valid proof of communication. Registered users confirm their identities with a combination of their social security ID and PIN code.

“This is a convenient tool for the rapid delivery of secure and reliable information,” SEGA writes in its announcement. “The service is an electronic equivalent of the registered mail with a return receipt. It is intended for citizens and legal entities, for administrations, for persons performing public functions and for organisations providing public services.”

Schema illustrating Bulgaria's eDelivery system

The eDelivery service is intended for all documents dealing administrative tasks, laws and regulations. SEGA expects the service to cut costs, by reducing the number of paper-based documents to be submitted by registered mail.

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