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Denmark aims to regain control over its ICT


Denmark needs to regain control over its core ICT systems. This is one of the core themes of a new strategy for ICT management published by the Ministry for Public Sector Innovation in November. Systematic outsourcing of ICT projects and systems has resulted in central government organisations losing control over critical knowledge essential to government activities, the strategy says.

The ministry says that several central government organisations are unable to build the important bridge between ICT and their core remits. They are also not in a position to enter into positive and value-creating collaborations with the private ICT market. “Furthermore, many authorities are also incapable of managing their ICT systems effectively and responsibly, and they do not have the necessary control over their ICT projects,” the ministry says. “As a result, parts of the national ICT systems portfolio are not currently being maintained as well as they should be and there are too many central government ICT projects that do not go as planned.”

The strategy document, entitled ‘A solid ICT foundation – Strategy for ICT management in central government’, lists initiatives designed to help improve the coherence of management. One of the goals is to make the costs of ICT more transparent, to allow the government to prioritise spending. According to the report, Denmark’s central government agencies currently spend about DKK 7 billion (about EUR 1 billion) on ICT. Cost control measures include uniform methods for assessing ICT spending, an improved overview of ICT costs, and a review of accounting rules, funding and allocation.

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Announcing the English translation of the report, Denmark’s Agency for Digitisation (Digitaliseringsstyrelsen - DIGST) writes: “All central government authorities must take greater responsibility for their ICT systems being administered in a reasonable manner, and for their digital projects being managed securely and properly.” DIGST is to be closely involved in developing, implementing and running the initiatives outlined in the strategy.

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