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EU – W3C promises to adopt the ADMS and Core Vocabularies specifications

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At the CESAR Workshop of 7 March, Mr. Vassilios Peristeras, Programme Manager of the European Commission’s ISA Programme (Interoperability Solutions for European Public Administrations) announced that four outputs of Action 1.1 of the ISA Programme  will be adopted by the W3C Government Linked Data (GLD) Working Group and are therefore on track to become official W3C Recommendations or WG notes. These are the specifications for ADMS (Asset Description Metadata Schema) and the three Core Vocabularies: Core Person, Core Location and Core Business. As Mr. Peristeras stated, it is quite unique that one project results in four W3C standards and this is something to be proud of.

ADMS is a common way to describe semantic interoperability assets making it possible for everyone to search and discover them once shared through the forthcoming federation of asset repositories. The ADMS specification is currently being finalised by a Working Group initiated by the ISA Programme, consisting of 55 people from 17 EU Member States, some European organisations and the US, after going to public review. Similarly, the Core Business (fundamental characteristics of a legal entity), Core Location (fundamental characteristics of a location) and Core Peron Vocabulary (fundamental characteristics of a person) specifications are currently in public review.

Phil Archer, a W3C eGovernment consultant who was present at the March 7 CESAR Workshop, explained what will happen next:

Version 1 of these works will be adopted with limited changes as W3C draft specifications by the GLD Working Group which will then take them through the process that leads them to becoming globally recognised standards. This is in parallel to a number of other relevant work items: vocabularies for describing organisations and statistics, and a Best Practices document for publishing Linked Data.

According to Phil Archer, the EU perspective of the specifications may have to be revised, to make them apply at a global level, but steps are being taken already to ensure minimal changes as GLD WG members are reviewing the documents as they enter their final phase within the ISA Programme.

If we take a look at the deliverables of the GLD Working Group, ADMS will be mainly used as an input to the deliverable of a Standard Vocabulary for Metadata. Core Business, Core Person and Core Location will be an input for respectively the Standard Vocabulary of “Organizational Structures”, “People and Geography”, “Spatial Information”.

W3C Government Linked Data (GLD) Working Group

The GLD Working Group started in June 2011 and has the mission to “provide standards and other information which help governments around the world publish their data as effective and usable Linked Data using Semantic Web technologies.” This Working Group makes part of the W3C eGovernment Activity and has close links with the Semantic Web Activity. The Working Group is expected to complete its work by 31 May 2013.

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