EU - Establishment of the ADM…

EU - Establishment of the ADMS.F/OSS Working Group


ADMS.F/OSSThe ISA Programme is currently in the process of establishing a Working Group with Member State representatives, F/OSS experts, and representatives of standardisation organisations to build consensus on a specification for exchanging software description metadata on the Web.

The Interoperability Solutions for European Public Administrations (ISA) Programme of the European Commission is promoting the cross-border sharing and reuse of software via its new platform, Joinup (Action 4.2.1) [2]. The ISA Programme has developed the vision to give better visibility to software through the use of common descriptions, enabling the "federation" of software description metadata with other e-Government initiatives on the Web. Emerging standards, such as those of the Semantic Web, entail a major opportunity to further enhance visibility. Better visibility will trigger the reuse of free and open-source software, which in turn will contribute to the interoperability of electronic public services provided by e-Government systems.

The ADMS.F/OSS Working Group has the objective to define and build consensus on a way to exchange F/OSS description metadata. The Working Group is initiated by the European Commission, and is supported by experts of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and the contractor of the specific Action (PwC).

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