EU: Green MEP: EC should excl…

EU: Green MEP: EC should exclude Microsoft, not avoid issue


The European Commission should make clear whether or not Microsoft should be excluded from future EC IT procurement projects, says Heide Rühle MEP, internal market spokeswoman for the Greens / EFA in the European Parliament.

Rühle in early April asked the Commission if article 93 of the EC procurement rules excluded Microsoft from participating in current or future tenders for IT projects.

The EC only last Monday replied that these rules offer the possibility, not the obligation, to exclude a company. In its letter to the MEP, the EC wrote that, neither the European Court of Justice's judgements nor the EC's decision to impose fines on Microsoft for violating EU competition rules, cause application of that specific EC procurement rule.

Rühle on Thursday afternoon said the Commission avoided the issue. "It is the role of the Commission to provide legal clarity", she said in an emailed statement. "Microsoft has demonstrated serious misconduct in several cases. The Commission should refuse to be fooled by the company and should seriously consider to exclude the company from new projects. We will keep watching this case closely."

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