EU Rejection of Secret Servic…

EU Rejection of Secret Service and EU Partial Adoption of Open Source: Two "Op Eds"


I respectfully draw the community's attention to two "Op Eds" that explore missed opportunities for the EU in relation to open source everything.

Robert Steele: EU Rejects Idea of a European Secret Service – Right Decision, Wrong Question, Missed Opportunity

The question, “should Europe have a secret service,” is the wrong question. The correct question serving all Europeans, would have been “should Europe have an (Open) EU Inter-Agency Decision-Support Centre.”  The obsession with secrets (which are a method, not actually producing decision-support) and terrorism (which is a tactic, not a threat, killing far fewer than bad doctors or drunk drivers) is a sign of national insanity. A more balanced approach is needed.

Robert Steele: An Open Letter to All European Ministers on Peace Through Open Everything

For a quarter century I have labored to redirect secret intelligence away from its symbiotic relationship to war and waste, and toward a more open posture favoring peace and prosperity. I could never have imagined that Europe would make a decision so fundamental, so transformative, that it makes possible the achievement of the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) within a decade, two at most. Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE), when combined with holistic analytics and true cost economics as I have championed for so many years, is documented as being faster, better, and cheaper than proprietary engineering – one tenth the time, ten times more resilience and sustainability, one tenth the cost.

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