EU-US Transatlantic Open Data…

EU-US Transatlantic Open Data Partnership publishes data access library


This month, the library was published on GitHub. The software provides developers in the statistical programming language R with a universal way to access economic data from the EU and the USA.

The library was developed as part of the EU-US Transatlantic Open Data Partnership, a collaboration between the US Department of Commerce and its Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) on the one hand, and the EC's DG Connect and Eurostat on the other.

Integrated access

The library allows application developers to extract, analyse and visualise economic data through the APIs of Eurostat and the BEA in a harmonised way. As a result, they can directly combine comparable datasets from EU and US sources in their applications, without the need to set up and manage separate connections to each of them and convert formats.

The digital economy revolves around data, Commissioner Andrus Ansip said in a blog post. It is the basis for our digital future and prosperity, for progress and opportunity. As data's importance continues to grow in the public domain, there is a growing need to make it usable and interoperable.

While EU and US data is available, it is not yet optimised for today's scientists and statisticians. The datasets have different structures and codes, which complicates their work. The library, unveiled at the Web Summit in Lisbon, offers integrated access to key indicators on the EU and US economies; on GDP, population, employment, and disposable income, by industry and region.

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