EU-wide interoperability matu…

EU-wide interoperability maturity benchmark boosts public services to the next level


The Interoperability Maturity Model (IMM), a compact and highly user-friendly assessment of your Public Service’s Interoperability Maturity, is open from now till July 7th

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The IMM provides immediate insight into a public service’s interoperability

The IMM is a self-assessment tool that will evaluate and ultimately improve European Public Service Interoperability maturity. It consists of:

  • A compact and highly user-friendly self-assessment. This 30 minute questionnaire helps public service owners evaluate, improve & consider all key interoperability aspects of their public service.
  • On completion, the results report offers tailored analysis, recommendations and confidential improvement guidance.

It helps public service owners (i.e. those in charge of key services such as online tax filing, online business registration, online change of address, etc) evaluate, improve and consider all key interoperability aspects of their public service.


Public services must be interoperable

Nowadays, public services can no longer exist in isolation. They must interact with other organizations, and share and utilize data, knowledge and business processes with them. In other words, they must be interoperable.

Such interoperability is of strategic importance to be able to transform governments and reap societal benefits: enabling trusted information exchange, achieving seamless service delivery across sectors borders, reaping cost savings by sharing and reusing solutions rather than creating them anew, flexibly and sustainably interlinking IT systems, and optimizing the citizen/business experience.


IMM context

This initiative is part of the Interoperability Maturity Model action of the ISA² programme. The ISA² programme is an instrument for the modernisation of European public administrations. Modernising European public administrations and increasing their interoperability is an important contribution to the completion of the Digital Single Market

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