Europass XML v3.2.0 Release

Europass XML v3.2.0 Release


The latest version of the Europass XML Schema—v3.2.0—has been officially released.

Please refer to the preview announcement as well as to the v3.2.0 XML Schema Documentation for further details.



The structure of the "DocumentInfo" element, which describes the metadata of a specific Europass document, is enriched with an additional element named "Bundle". The purpose of the new element is to describe other Europass Documents that might be bundled together with the main backbone document denoted by the element "DocumentType".   This makes it possible to receive a Europass CV (DocumentType = "ECV") along with e.g. a Europass Cover Letter in a single document (Bundle.Document[0] = "ECL").


The accepted values for the "name" attribute of the "Field" element are restricted, since they are no longer used by the implementation.   Previously the purpose was to be able to include information inside the "LearnerInfo" contents, but selectively hide it at the document level. Now this is dropped in favor of a much simpler approach, according to which any information that is added in the "LearnerInfo" contents is visible in the document as well.   The permitted texts for the name attribute have to do with printing preferences that have an effect on the order or position of sections, or on the format of specific information.


A new language is added, namely "kmer" (Cambodian). As a result, the version of the EuropassISOLanguages XSD becomes 1.7.0 (from 1.6.0).

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Fri, 07/11/2014 - 17:13


I got a very lite issue on line 97 of DocumentInformation.xsd (related to CurrentVersionNumberType):


F [Xerces] The prefix "xs" for element "xs:pattern" is not bound.


This is based on the ZIP I have downloaded from your interop website:


A basic correction is:

            <xsd:pattern value="V[3-9]\.[0-9]\.[0-9]"/>

instead of:

            <xs:pattern value="V[3-9]\.[0-9]\.[0-9]"/>

But the online schema ( is using:

           <xsd:pattern value="V3.2"/>


So I guess this is this last value that should be use.

I'm looking at the possibility to use Europass Schemas to create a profile for mapping with Pôle Emploi internal profile instead of using HR-OS XML candidate schemas but in such case I need to include several extension points in it (at least only one as a container would be sufficient). Regarding the EUPL licence that sounds doable and legal. But could you confirm it ?


Last but not least, as far as the EU commission join HR-OpenStandard consortium, what is the position of Cedefop related to the development of Europass CV Schemas ? Will you continue to promote them for interoperability with Eures or is it planned to migrate to the Candidate XML Schemas in the future ?

Thanks in advance for your reply

Best regards,

Marc Van Coillie

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