European countries aligning t…

European countries aligning their interoperability policies


Seventeen out of 29 European countries now have national guidelines on interoperability, a recent case study shows. Nine of these seventeen national interoperability plans are well-aligned to the European Commission's Interopability Framework (EIF).

The case study, a collection of 29 factstheets, is one the results of the NIFO (National Interoperability Framework Observatory), a project by the European Commission's ISA work programme (Interoperability Solutions for European public administrations). The observatory is hosted on ISA's collaborative platform, Joinup.

ISA published on NIFO last month 29 fact sheets, case studies into the policies and activities on interoperability in Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and all of Europe's 27 member states except for the Czech Republic. Fact sheets on this country, as well as on Croatia, Liechtenstein, Macedonia and Turkey, are forthcoming.

Twelve countries do not yet have a policy or a guideline on interoperability: Cyprus, Iceland, Ireland, Hungary, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Europe's countries, in agreeing on the Digital Agenda for Europe in 2010, agreed to align their interoperability policies by next year, using as a reference the European Interoperability Framework (EIF). In practice this means that the countries will need to align their practices to the EIF by including the principles of the EIF into their national frameworks.

ISA's NIFO helps the countries with their policies and activities on interoperability, by making visible good practices. By sharing this information, public administrations can help each another, learn about alternative approaches and hear about ways to improve their approach to interoperability.

The NIFO will help keep the factsheets up to date. Those interested in the documents and the interoperability policies can help keep the up to date by taking part in the NIFO Observatory, one of the communities on ISA's Joinup collaboration platform.

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