Federation of Repositories

Federation of Repositories

As a first proof-of-concept a prototype based on ADMS shows how a federation of repositories can be build.

This first prototype uses a limited set of 49 sample assets from three repositories (SEMIC.EU, the Danish Digitalisér.dk, and the German XRepository) to demonstrate how a federation of these repositories can be build using ADMS as a foundation.

Although publicly available, the system is not yet build for production use. Please bear with us, if response time is slow or the system is temporarily unavailable.

The prototype will be demonstrated today at the SEMIC.EU Yearly Conference. We expect some traffic as a result of the demonstration.

This prototype serves as a proof-of-concept, demonstrating that a federation of repositories is possible. However, some work still remains to be done. ADMS itself needs to be finalised. In addtion the different code lists and taxonomies employed by different repositories have to be harmonised.

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