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Former German Justice Minister supports call for open standards

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German member of parliament and former federal minister of Justice Brigitte Zypries is calling for nominations by institutions and companies for the annual Document Freedom Day Awards. The prize is awarded for making an outstanding contribution to the proliferation of open standards.

Last year, the award was given the German city of Munich, for showing what a large city can achieve with free software. Another award winner was the online news portal Tagesschau, for making all its video entries available in the open format Ogg Theora.

This year, the award ceremony will take place on Document Freedom Day on 28 March.

Zypries, a member of the Social Democratic Party (SPD), in a statement gives her support to the work by the Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) to advocate the use of open standards."

Open standards prevent the creation of monopolies, the MP writes in her statement. Open standards, like TCP/IP and HTMl allow anyone to use the software without any hindrance.

Document Freedom Day is a day to support the use of open standards, organised by the Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) and many other groups and volunteers around the world.

European Parliament

Like last year, several members of the European Parliament are showing their support for open document standards by organising a series of lectures. This year MEPs Malika Benarab-Attou, Sandrine Bélier, Christian Engström and Judith Sargentini (Greens/EFA) will host a conference in the European Parliament, including speakers from the European Commission, the FSFE, the French free software advocacy group April and other organisations.

Nominations for this year's Document Freedom Day awards can be submitted until this Wednesday 1 February.

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