Fostering reuse of ICT

Hungary steps up government digitisation


Hungary is redoubling its efforts to modernise its public services. A HUF 2.5 billion (about EUR 8 million) grant from the European Social Fund is to be used for a digitisation drive to build centralised and standardised IT services, enabling public sector organisations to digitise their processes, increase efficiency and cut costs.

The central IT services are to be maintained by NISZ, the state-owned National Information and Communication Services provider. In designing and building these systems NISZ will work with KIFÜ, the government IT development agency.

The project, entitled ‘Expanding the Centralized Government Information System (KKIR3)’, is to unify Hungary’s public IT services, the two organisations explain in an announcement. The aim of government digitisation is to make it easier for the public sector to share and reuse IT services, and to phase out their paper-based processes. Standardised applications can be used by many public services, while reducing costs for development, maintenance and storage.

KKIR3 is to be finalised at the end of next year.

More information:

Announcement by NISZ/KIFÜ (in Hungarian)

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