FR: City of Rennes opens up i…

FR: City of Rennes opens up its data to the public

A French communication agency in partnership with Rennes Metropolitan District (Rennes Métropole), the City of Rennes and public transports operator Keolis Rennes released under GNU Project's General Public License version 3 (GNU/GPL v3) an OpenData platform. The platform has served as a base through which Rennes Metropolitan District/City and Keolis Rennes made their data public, at and respectively.

The OpenData platform is intended to offer a turnkey solution for public or private institutions willing to make their data available to the general public. Developed using Open Source content management system TYPO3, this platform offers a full range of tools aimed at opening up data; with this solution, those wishing to make their data public can focus on the openness approach itself, without having to invest in the implementation of a platform.   

The OpenData platform is freely downloadable, customisable, and it provides the following functionality: 

  • Copyright-free graphical theme which can be reused as such; 
  • Management of different data repositories: flat files, external dynamic data searchable through an Application Programming Interface (API); 
  • Datastore module for the provision of raw data; 
  • A module providing an API for scalable queries for the building of commands for performing queries on data made available to the public (with freely available documentation); 
  • Application directory: the applications developed using the data provided may be included in a directory managed by the platform; 
  • User account management (participation in the forum); 
  • Management of developer accounts for accessing the API (account creation, developer's unique key, per key possibility to limit activities); 
  • Automated production of documentation on the commands that have been developed; 
  • Forum module; 
  • FAQ module; 
  • Contact form.


The various functional modules have been implemented as functional extensions for TYPO3. These extensions can be used and modified on third party websites. The extensions which have been developed for opening up the data will soon be made available on the TYPO3 forge.

For download and demonstration, a demo platform can be accessed at


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