France to develop a toolbox f…

France to develop a toolbox for Open Government


Etalab, the French government agency in charge of Open Data and Open Government, and the French authorities are currently working, in collaboration with other OGP members, on an Open Government toolkit.

This is aimed at helping governments to implement Open Government principles in their countries. This OGP Toolkit is to be finalised for the OGP Paris Summit in December. Every OGP member will have access to the toolkit.

“This toolkit is designed to facilitate the implementation of OGP commitments, by referencing the available solutions and documenting their uses”, Etalab said on its website.

It is being developed to be “a database of digital tools and uses made of them by organisations and citizens all over the world”. Basically, “the aim of this catalogue is to increase the visibility of these tools and encourage their sharing and reuse”.

Tools and case studies

According to this document, each tool listed in the toolbox will be detailed in a description sheet. Usage will also be promoted: it will list some case studies and will highlight the developer and the community behind the tool.

Etalab said that the toolbox should include Open Data portals, forums, tools to assess the implementation of commitments drafted in the Action Plan and some civic tech. A free public consultation platform will also developed to be part of the toolbox, as mentioned during the Open Democracy Now hackathon, which took place on September 17 and 18.

Between now and December (and the OGP Paris Summit), hackathons will help to co-develop the toolbox, bringing together administrations, representatives of civil society, companies and the civic tech community. The last hackathon took place in New York on September 21, at which contributions from the American government and communities were collected. 

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