France renews its free softwa…

France renews its free software reference list


The 2016 edition of SILL (Socle Interministériel de logiciel libre - a reference list of free and open source software applications) has been published by France's inter-ministerial working group on free software. The update to the list was approved at a meeting on 11 December of the government's IT department (Dinsic) and ministries' CIOs.

SILL is a selection of validated free software, which can be used by every administration in France as recommended software. Use of the listed applications is not mandatory; SILL is intended to be used as a common repository by the French public sector.

The list includes desktop applications such as office productivity suites, web browsers and email clients. SILL's server solutions include database management systems and software development tools. The reference also lists tools for deploying, managing and monitoring desktop workstations and servers.

SILL is created by several inter-ministerial working groups, including MiMo - focussing on desktops, MimProd, for servers and database systems and MimDev - for development environments. One of the goals of SILL is to promote the sharing and reuse of software among the ministries.

Android included

More than 130 software are listed in the 2016 edition, against 125 in the previous version. SILL classifies software by topics, by license, by usage, and by status (recommended, evaluated or end-of-life).

A few differences can be noticed in this 2016 version compared with the 2015 version. One of the key additions is the Android mobile operating system, now alongside the Linux and Windows operating system. Just three solutions are added in this Android section: KeePass, VLC and LibreOffice for Android.

The database management system MariaBD is also listed for the first time. The database is not currently recommended. The Apache Cassandra distributed database system is also added to the SILL, as a new non-relational databases next to MongoDB.

Encryption tool VeraCrypt is now listed as evaluated, intended to gradually replace TrueCrypt. SILL 2016 now consideres the latter end-of-life.


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Socle interministériel des logiciels libres 2016 (PDF)
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