Galicia offers testing open s…

Galicia offers testing open source office skills


The government of the autonomous region of Galicia (Spain) is organising a region-wide test of office productivity skills, based on open source software. Up to 500 citizens can register for the tests, to be organised in 31 municipalities across the region later this month. Those who successfully complete the test on the use of the LibreOffice suite of office productivity tools, will receive the region’s CODIX certificate (‘competencias dixitais en ofimática’).


Galicia LogoThe test is intended for experienced users of LibreOffice, in particular those who have completed the region’s ‘Office productivity course MF0233_2’.

The certification exam was announced by Amtega, Galicia's agency for technological modernisation on its free software portal, Mancomun, in March. The test was also announced in the region’s official gazette, Diario Official de Galicia.

The examination will take place on 27, 28 and 29 April. Fifty multiple-choice questions will probe skills in using the LibreOffice word processor, its spreadsheet application and its presentation programme. Some questions will test general skills related to operating systems, Intranet and Internet searches, the use of email clients and how to use relational databases.

Classroom management

The FM0233_2 course uses the best office document practices guide . The documents were developed by Amtega, and are made publicly available.

Galicia began organising office productivity trainings in 2014. In the first year, the region trained 1,400 people. The same year, the government set-up a region-wide class room system, Cemit, to help bridge the digital divide. All Cemit classrooms use the XEA classroom management system, which is available as free software.


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