GITB TDL validation service

New GITB TDL test suite validation service available


A new GITB TDL validation service makes developing test suites simpler.

Test suite validation

At the heart of most conformance testing campaigns are the conformance testing scenarios that systems under test need to complete. In the ISA² Test Bed, based on the GITB specifications, such testing scenarios are defined as test cases, authored in the GITB Test Description Language (TDL) that are grouped together into test suites. A persistent problem for test suite developers has always been the lack of thorough validation to allow detecting problems such as invalid expressions or broken references when the test suite is being deployed. To address this, test suite developers typically rely on executing sanity-check test sessions to ensure the correctness of their test suite, but even then may be confronted with error descriptions that are not often clear.

To address this long standing issue, the ISA² Test Bed Action has now published online a new validation service for GITB TDL test suites. This service accepts a test suite for validation and produces a detailed report listing all identified errors and warnings on bad practices. The validation goes much further than simple syntax checks, to also simulate the test suite's execution and determine the validity of variables and expressions during the test sessions' expected lifecycle.

Sample validation report

The service is planned for integration in the upcoming Test Bed release (expected in May 2019) but until then test suite developers can rely on the standalone service. This is available as:

The new GITB TDL validation service is expected to further streamline the implementation of conformance testing campaigns. Become a member of our community to be informed of relevant updates and be notified of new Test Bed releases.

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