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France to show public services innovation


To prove the innovation capacity of France’s digital public services, the country’s government modernisation programme (Secretariat-General for Government Modernisation, SGMAP) is calling for public administrations to join its week-long public relations campaign, from 20 to 26 November. SGMAP hopes to get government departments and councils to organise local citizen participation events, hackathons, workshops and meetings.

The campaign aims to show how digital technology is improving public services by creating new services, improving the quality of existing ones, and digitising entire administrative workflows.

The logo for France's Week of Public Sector Innovation

“The government will once again pay tribute to an administration in motion, serving all users”, SGMAP writes in its announcement. The week-long event should also be an opportunity to get companies, citizens and NGOs to help public administrations build new solutions that will improve public services.

SGMAP presents the campaign as a grassroots movement, motivating users to push for innovative services and redesigned public policies. This kind of government innovation is a driver of government reform, SGMAP says.

More information:

SGMAP announcement (in French)

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