Greece creates digital infras…

Greece creates digital infrastructure register


Greece’s Ministry of Digital Policy, Telecommunications and Information has announced the creation of a digital infrastructure register, to help with maintenance and construction of public works. The first use case for the register will be telecom infrastructure. The Ministry plans to add water, gas and sewage infrastructure at a later stage.

The register should help public administrations, companies and citizens get information on infrastructure and infrastructure plans. It will also make it easier to plan nation wide telecom and broadband infrastructure upgrades, the Ministry writes. The registry is to become a ‘one stop shop’ for applications for funds and permits.

The “Digital Greece Infrastructure Register” is based on a Geographic Information System (GIS), using geographic maps to display the available infrastructure information.

In the first phase, the system will provide local administrations with detailed information on telecom networks, allowing them to plan charges, the Ministry writes.

Making infrastructure information available online should reduce public and private investment costs, the government expects. The system will gradually add online services, and help to optimise utilisation and construction.

The Ministry also plans to use the information in the system to prepare policy and legislation.

More information:

Announcement by the Ministry of Digital Policy (in Greek)

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