'Greek government must resolu…

'Greek government must resolutely promote open source use'


The Greek government should more assertively push for the use of free and open source solutions in public administrations, urges Eel/lak, a Greek network of academic proponents of open source, in a public letter to the Greek government. The government should also transition the main information systems to be based on open standards.

"Free and open source software are pillars for sustainability and innovation in the public sector", Eel/lak writes, responding to the Greek government's call for proposals a national action plan for open governance. The goal is not just to reduce spending on proprietary licences, but to develop local expertise and create an ecosystem of IT service providers supporting open source and enhancing the Greek ICT market.

Eel/lak, representing 29 universities, research centres and technology institutes, recommends that the government creates an interoperability framework for the major government applications, and starts to make the use of open standards mandatory.

Copyleft and EUPL

The group recommends that the government sets standards for its websites, makes its data available using a copyleft licence, and shares publicly funded software by publishing it under the EUPL, the European Union's public licence. "All tendered projects tendered should make mandatory the use of open standards and open formats."

The advocacy group says the government should also act on a law adopted in 2011, on the creation of a software development forge and code repository for the public sector. Comments on the government's national action plan for open governance can be submitted until 25 September. The consultation is published on the Greek's Opengov website.


More information:

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